Spaces Available Starting at $30 a Month!

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We're looking for vendors of all sorts ranging from artisans, resalers, and to antiques. Stop by The Craft and Vendor Marketplace or Gifted Hands Redesigned today! If you have any questions regarding our vendor application or current inventory, call us at (608) 615-1130 today!

Benefits of Selling with Us

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  • Offer a sales outlet all year-round, not just a day or weekend like craft shows.
  • You get your weekends back!
  • You don't have to meet customers after hours in dark parking lots.
  • We offer your customers friendly customer service.
  • We collect custom orders for you.
  • We offer extra marketing for your business
  • We offer presence online presence for your business.
  • You are in a cooperative with all other vendors with CVM and GHR.
  • You get to be involved with events at the stores.
  • Opportunities for expanded space in one or both locations through discount initiatives.
  • The monthly expense can be a tax write-off.
  • Sales tax is collected and paid for you.
  • The business expenses are paid for, so you don't have to.

To Be a Vendor

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  • We ask that you stop by the store with a sample of your items. We need to make sure that there are no alike vendors already in the stores. All items are screened, so we can make sure that we offer quality products to our customers.
  • It is recommended that you call (608) 615-1130 or email and make an appointment to meet with us.
  • We will discuss the vendor application, policies, discount possibilities for vendors, and what is expected. 

Calling All Vendors

(608) 615-1130

Come See Us!

The Craft and Vendor Marketplace locations

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